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Just a Thought

Menertawakan si Karin, tapi nyebarin linknya di mana mana. Ngasih exposure.

Merasa prihatin dengan video musik rapper irrelevant (well, pengakuan adekku yang anak SD kelas 6 sih dia relevan, which is sad. Let's work on that fact more, reach out tuh anak anak SD terdekat. Even better, reach out gurunya biar bisa kasih pemahaman yang baik buat dedek dedek kita), tapi enteng nyebarin cuplikan video yang irrelevant juga.

Terlalu banyak double standard. Terlalu banyak iklan. Itu yang bikin malas main Twitter akhir akhir ini.


Rabu, 14 September 2016

Half Moon Friends

Half Moon Friends is a documentary / reality show featuring 10 adorable kids and 5 idols, who spend half a month building a relationship as student and teacher in a temporary kindergarten called Bandalland. This 12 episodes show is full of laughter, tearjerker and meaningful moments. Even you're not into Korean things, I assure you this show is GOLD. It has great concept and the show is just full of sincerity. Please, give it a shot, even just for one episode. Who knows? You'll love the kids as much as I do. 

Receipts from various sources.

Would like for Inner Circle, especially Winner Galaxy and Team Aces who subbed this, and also K-ICs, well pretty much all ICs, who made sure this show has its deserving exposure through Pann-choa, to know how many people love this show, even to the extent trying to give them a shot for the first time and deciding to be a part of the fandom (like me)
If you see your name and want be excluded for this list for whatever reasons, just let me know! ;)

Share this post away guys!! :)

1. "i am not into the kpop, so i didnt know much about winner, i watched because i have nothing else to do, and i expect them to be fake and super aegyo with children since they are idols and have to look nice, but omg they were so natural, they just said get out to the parents, and i died when the blond one said just play, go, whatever. i also like that show kinda has a story about lonely children, i was also like them. so so far, so good.edit after many days: thanks to everyone for being so nice and suggest more winner:) i had to check out their songs, and i totally loved them, their songs are also like them, not the usual expected kpop songs, i am feeling like i found a gem. i am a person who knows gd and bigbang, but didnt know gd was a part of the bigbang until this summer, so listening a group this much and knowing them is a huge step for me. i plan to begin winner-starter-package by watching win soon:)" - leaf

2. "The story of how i got to know winner is quite exceptional. At first, i got to know them thanks to all the news that covered how Winner use blue as the official lightstick color which is Suju's thing, I wasn't interested that time and the news made me even more uninterested, so I forgot them very quickly. The 2nd time, I saw them in Sugar Man when I watched to see Kyuhyun, and I found them quite adorable, they are extremely talented as well. I don't follow YG or Winner, so I didn't know about this program, but thanks to the news of how the YG president talks about this program being not satisfying yet, i decided to check this out. After seeing this whole ep, i enjoy it so much. I don't know how to put what I feel into the right words, but one thing that I can say is, you can't help but loving this guys. So, I'm proudly stating myself as an ELF who fall in love to Winner. I really hope I won't be disappointed :)" - anyaderisa

3. "I don't know Winner but this is a cute show. It reminds me of Hello Baby with MBLAQ. I clicked on this show because I was tired and didn't feel like searching for something else. Glad I gave it a shot!" - metime

4. "I ain't a fan of WINNER, but when i saw the episode two of this program had came out I was like "To hell with this series, I gotta watch Half Moon Friends" - Panelacheeselover

5. "In another episode I mentioned I wasn't a fan of winner. Well, these days I still ain't a fan, but I am really happy I got to know them because I've heard some of their songs and the same instant they started I fell in love with some of them. Inner Circle, even though you girls are crazy (in a good way), you now have another person waiting for Winner's new song. Idk if i have to say thank you or what, but yeah lol" - Panelacheeselover (part 2 lol)

6. "Ahahaha! me too. I ain't a fan of WINNER. but i feel like i must to watch half moon again - hanxby

7. "I wasn't fan of Winner, but, when I saw the Episode1 I was mesmerized, how good they are, at first I thougt that the show was all scripted, but then, you can see how genuinely they listen to kids, they're like kids too, the final part broke my heart but they did good, and I'm seeing now winner TV and get to tknowing more about they, for that I need to sincerely thanks the eng sub, I was craving for episode 2." - yuilo iori den

8. "I'm was never really a fan of any YG groups ( except Epik High ), but after i watched this i definetely became a fan of winner!" - Quincy z

9. "I start to like Winner. They are confident and understand who they are and what should they do. It makes those kids trust them easily. :)" - Sweet Disposition

10. "I had no idea about WINNER but after 2 episodes of Halfmoon Friends. I am your big fan ever. I am searching for WINNER's song, hehe. Big thanks for End sub and wish you do it to the end :)" - Tik Chayada

11. "I didn't like Winner as much as the other YG artists when I first watched this. However, after the first episode, I fell in love. :) Winner 화이팅!!" - ashley

12. "yesterday, i was replaying ep2 when my 2 year old nephew wandered into my room. Jei was eating on my laptop screen and he went "baby?!" And i said "yes baby" then he pulled my arms so he could sit on my lap and he watched the whole show with me! Like he seriously kept quiet and watched for the whole remaining 40 minutes or so. He never even stay still when watching cartoons and he kept patting my hand when the internet went laggy a couple of times pointing at the screen saying "baby" like i should do something to fix the lag. I was amazed seriously." - ishouldstartlearningkorean

13. "I was not interest in Winner from the day they debut tbh, and after reading some articles about them I was just like any other fan after reading them.I new Mino from SMTM4 I liked his rap, but dunno I just thought of him as someone who says himself over anyonethen I watched Taehyun in Running Man and I surprisingly liked him, but still he didn't get me interest in Winner and I said 'okay i only like Taehyun in Winner' whenever someone ask me about thembut this show changed my mind TOTALLY I regret judging them from some articles and not giving them a chance from the start, I liked how natural they are in front of the Camera, I like how they show their true feelings too not afraid of people judging them just because they are with "children", I liked how patient JuJu Saem "sorry still knowing them don't know his real name xD" he is patient with these girls all over him and that Seo girl is too sticky seriously I even got mad seeing her selfish behave all the time, I like how Mino after getting rejected times but didn't show how hurt he is in front of the girls and he keeps smiling, and theeenn something happened to my heart after what Yeojun did and how Sunghoon managed to control his emotions and how he talks with him inside that room MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM 'now my bias is HIM - toofy top

14. "thank you KSO.. actually im not a fan of winner.. but after i watch this im fall in love with them.. i love the way they bring joy to the kids and make a good memory for the kids.. i want to be one of the kids.. can i? " - Princess messy

15. "Anyone know what songplaying in the end? Im not their fan but I happenned to love kids so much so I decided to watch the series" - Cee Heart

16. "Honestly, I can't call myself a fan of Winner. I've never even really made the effort to listen to any of their music. But this show...I just love it. The boys have some fantastic personalities and the kids are just too cute. I'm really loving this show!" - rabes.xo

17. "Kids are really adorbs! I never thought I'd last for 5 episodes. I get easily bored with dramas and varieties. But for some reasons I keep watching Half Moon Friends. Woah there I'm turning blue! I'm turning into Inner Circle " - Mingki

18. "i became their fan after watching this show haha! by the way can someone please tell me what is the song at 31:20 ?" - arnzpcy

19. "This show just warms my heart!~I've been a casual Winner fan since pre-debut mostly because of Mino and how fun Win was. But now, I've genuinely fallen for them! They're so precious, and doesn't hurt that I also really like the kids.Also, Seunghoon is a bias list ruiner!!!!! I'm sorry Mino... I've fallen hard and deep, and there doesn't seem to be an exit" - hephapholic

20. "omg are you me cause saaaameee ever since this show came out i've become more obsessed with winner and my bias is mino most of the time and seunghoon is always creeping up behind him lol he's actually boyfie material urgh my ultimate ideal type! but there's a day when other members become my bias as well lol." - hyunjungsh

21. "I don't really watch variety shows with kids and babies, but I really LOVE this show! I'm not even a Winner fan at first, but now I start to look up their songs. They are funny, sincere and hard working, not to mention talented! Their apperance at Weekly Idol was also epic! Now every week I impatiently wait for Halfmoon Friends to be uploaded, along with my other fave shows 1N2D, IC, Journey To The West, Radio Star, Fantastic Duo.Winner fighting! And WinnerGalaxy thank you for the subs" - fishandkat

22. "I've fallen in love with Winner after watching this show, they are so sweet!!! And all the kids are so cute!!!! the twins have my heart" - v a l

23. "this is seriously the best! I'm in love with all the kids and of course winner. I really don't want this to stop and I think they should reunite in 10 years." - IbstismM

24. "thank you so much for subbing this!this time i want to leave a sincere comment :))honestly, i knew winner since a long time ago. ((who don't know winner btw))i love their songs (their albums are on replay as my working bgm lol), and i've been listening to seungyoon's song since his solo debut, but no matter how much i like their songs, i've never been interested in any winner variety/reality shows.half moon friends was the first winner's show that i watched, and i'm glad that i found an outsider, i never knew mino is actually such a dork, and how jinwoo can be so naive and innocent. half moon friends is like an open gate for me to the winnerland lol if you didn't sub these, i think i won't like winner as much as i do now. it is definitely your fault that i'm a winner trash right now XD WinnerGalaxy fighting!!!" - 민라

25. "As a non-Winner fan I watched ep. 1 out of pure boredom and now 7 hours later I'm here after watching 7 episodes back-to-back LOL. They remind me (for a lot of diffirent reasons) alot of SHINee and since I'm a SHAWOL I guess it says something for me to admit that :-)Besides SHINee, there's only a handfull of groups I follow and none of them debuted recently, but I think I might have to add Winner now. I'm def gonna check out their music and songs (cause I dont really know any) and their stage performances!Oh, 1 last thing I really liked/have to say: You guys seem like a great fandom. Even before watching this I've seen comments made by INCLEs??? (sorry if Im wrong!) before and they always seem nice/fresh/cool instead of angry/LOUD/hostile comments made by... well, fill that in for yourselfs ;-)" - Ziggy88

26. "I never really cared about Winner, beside Hat Teacher, that I cheered during kpop star. I dont really like groups with to much "we have swag" on then and I was trying to avoid getting into new fandoms - I have some many groups that I follow that I was getting crazy lol - but ...When this show was announced I needed to watch because I LOVE shows with kids.But then, besides being transformed into a Jayholic too xDI wait every week to see the boys, It was crazy to get to know their cute, childish and easygoing personalities ....Im not really into Winner's music that much yet, but I keep looking for varieties or shows with them now ..Im slowly learning their names - because i keep calling then mosnter, candy, hat, etc lol-.I'm doomed. There is no place to run now, I fell in love with these dorky funny big kids lolThank u for providing the subs WinnerGalaxy ^^ I really apreciate it \o/" - kieell

27. "Dear all subber and Winner Galaxy team, I want to thank you once again for subbing this golden show. I'm only a casual fan but through this show, I finally got into fandom, listen to all of their songs and now planning to purchase some goodies from them. I owe you a lot for introducing me to the boys and Inner Circle friends too.Thank you and I love you :) :)" - Girl

28. "i'm officially a winner trash after watching this! Any reccomendation for another winner variety show?" - flyinunicorn18

29. "He really does because through this show I became such a bigger fan of Winner. I liked them before but through this show I've become an Inner Circle" - Sam

30. "i don't even know their name. i found this show while surfing the internet. just fall in love with the kids and the teachers. i only know their teacher name like Yoonie -ssam, Hat -ssam, Monster -ssam, Juju -ssam, Candy -ssam. must be hard for them to control those kids at such a age when they never listen. LOL. fighting for you guys" - Gong ^-^ Shim

31. "Yes, because of this variety show, I started to be their fan. They were really funny without faking it. They show genuine feeling to the kids and not because of the camera unlike some idols." - Audience

32. "Hi I'm a new fan . I watched bandal, winner tv, weekly idol. Winner boys are charming, cute,'s difficult not to stan lol. And incles are protective and cutes like mothers Winner - Inner Circle have a special bond." - 도경수

33. "I love winner because of this show, they way they treat the children and talk about them so sweetly and genuinely makes me smile" - Crysphoosh

34. "Even my friend who hates Kpop watch this show. She said "I can't wait for next episode!" every single week " - Febiola Aditya Yusuf Khan

35. "LOL, two non kpop fans friends of mine are also watching the show, and they are slowly falling for Winner, one of then already watched WinnerTV too hahahaha" - orbiutes

36. "I started stanning Winner after watching this show. I find the boys so charming~" - mkimxox

37. "Honestly i never bothered with winner cause i thought they're too serious for me but all these posts are making me like them! im starting to grow fond of them, Yg please give them the treatment they deserve!PS:omg love the new bg! Seolhyun looks sooo cute, thanks PC!" - Smart Wonder

38. "Not even an IC but Seunghoon makes me like him so much!! He's so funny and kind " - taeilnctu

39. "Thank you, love you! ❤️ These kids remind me of Shinee so I'm taking chances on them even though I don't like yg haha" - duncurr

40. "I'm not a fan of winner but I am a fan of idols interacting with children so now I want to watch this" - NineDaysQueen

41. "I've never followed nor watched any show until this one... Now I cant wait for this show to be subbed each week (And im not a Winner fan)I started watching it by mere curiosity but this is such a cute show, you can tell how honest they are with the kids and how much they mean to them because all of the care they give to the babies;; Like when Jay wants to pee, TaeHyun with all the attention he gives to Hanyul... ; ; It's just to cute and genuine (i dont think i could stand the babies as much as they do, tbvh)Even my mom watches the show with me, lolI was interested in Winner when they first debuted but didnt follow them but now they've won a fan o/Sorry for the long comment, lol" - っち

42. "Where did you find it subbed? I'm not a Winner fan (yet) but I'm curious to see it.Edit: Wow, thanks for the links guys x ✌️☺️" - Elle

43. "Same tbh I couldn't care less about winner (mainly because their music isn't my style not necessarily coz of the members) but I LOVE this show so much" - topaz

44. "I've got into them recently as well and don't normally watch shows that have kids but this show is just toooooo cute Like we can see how much they treasure the kids and how much the kids adore them " - Van Vu

45. "i watched halfmoon friend for fun and yeah i have always liked winner song but now i think im falling for the members too ♡edit: aww thanks for welcoming me you guys are too kind! i hope winner will only get bigger and succesful from now on!" - ShiroChii

46. "My current favorite show!!..and I'm not even winner fans. It's scripted, but the way they interact with the kids is so real and I can feel their sincerity, not like some scripted-so-called-baby-rising-things. It's so heartwarming. I recommend this show to everyone who loves kids and laughter and happy tears and hugs.....and winner, well, even though you're not a fans of winner, I'm 100% sure that you're gonna love the show.^^" - Aquamarine

47. "I'm become winner fans after watched this show. huwaa they are so adorable ❤" - Aziza NR

48. "I didn't really know much about winner until recently. I became really interested in them by watching Half Moon Friends, I love that show! I'll start binge watching their music videos now" - Louise Cruz

49. "I didn't even know their existence before Bandal Chingu, but now, I have to say, I've got a soft spot for them. I'll miss them when the show's gonna end." - JaeIn

50. "You're right! I am in love with them right after watching 1st eps HMF. And the more I learn about them, the more I found that they're really attractive. Love their personalities. So humble, dorky funny but cool onstage, and be just the way they are :)" - Fianda Misa

51. "This is my first Korean show ever. I got on this site because my best friend kept bugging me about a show "we are dating" or " we are engaged", something like that, the thing is couldn't find so I just browse through and I saw babies and I just had to see what it was (my weakness is cat videos and babies) all I really want to say that i regret no listing to her sooner" - Kathy Garcia

52. "When will the next ep be up? I love this show already. I know I love winner - Rainiera Piñero

53. "I'm supposed to be revising right now but needed my daily dose of life so I came here and saw this! I watched the Chinese Sub ver cs I couldnt wait haha (and didnt know someone will sub this!) but I was still curious about the comments given to the show cs only Kshowonline has this comment section for us to write on. And I was so touched by everyone's comments! I am a fan of Winner, tho wont call myself an InCle just yet, and I do see how down to earth Winner is and they actually communicated with the kids with their hearts. WITH THEIR FRIGGIN HEARTS. Seungyoon catches my attention the most tbh. While Jinwoo gets all the girls' attention, Seunghoon having Jiwoo as his favourite, Minho.. being no one's favourite HAHA (he's still cute), Taehyun having maknae Hayool... Seungyoon and Yeojun's interactions always make me .. teary? Like you can feel that he connects with Yeojun on some level and he tries to make Yeojun less lonely. The preview actually made me cry and the question he asked "I wish I could go to heaven asap!" breaks my heart omg can you imagine how Seungyoon feels ;__; the way he hugs Yeojun... urgh idk how to say it but I just wanna say that I love Winner so much!" - Sera

54. "I got dragged into the inner circle because of half moon friends. But hearing them during sentimental and baby baby solidified my spot at being an incle" - Caitlin Serrano

55. "idk but I owe my life to them because the articles fangirling about half moon friends are what got me into winner. THERES NO ESCAPE NOW I LOVE THEM SO MUCH" - KEYSqt

56. I recently started the show and honestly I'm not a Winner fan but they and the kids are so cute that just with one episode I can't stop watching them. - My favorite Eliza Bennet

57. "i feel like watching shinee in hello baby ... hard to not stan plus OMG ALL BABIES ARE SO CUTE" - Comde

58. "You know, i was never really into WINNER. But now, now I see how nice and caring they are. It's hard working with kids and they did very, very good! I am so sad that this show is ending so fast. I wish there where 100 more episodes so we can all enjoy watching them grow together with those adorable kids. And Jay, I mean, how can a kid be so cute? She is the cutest kid I saw!" - Adrijana Kondic

59. "i never cried so hard before. Its just a show. A show that starring Winner that i didnt even know who is who before. But since i watched this, i keep searching for them and stuffs they did. The sincerety of them can be see from the way they behaved to the childre, its just really broke my heart. I think i wont be brave enough to watc the last episode, the feels guys." - Chenniel
60. "me too, i dont know them before but now i start to search about them because i watch HMF T-T" - Reza Situmorang

61. "Aww I'm not even a fan of WINNER and yet I don't want this awesome show to end. I love watching TROS, but I like watching ordinary kids too (ordinary means no celebrity kids). Hayul is so adorkable. I hope they will make second season even if it's with different kids and idols. I just love the concept :3 btw I remember the RM eppisode Mino mentioned it was pretty recent one :3" - 나탈리

62. "Every time I hear an italian song in these shows I get surprised lmao. Anyway this show was amazing and I'm so glad i discovered winner! I cried and laughed a lot while watching this and I feel extremely grateful! Thank you WinnerGalaxy for the awesome work ♥" - Lety

63"im falling for winner because of this show :)) i dont even look at winner before. 😙😙😙😙 im a fan now" - Riri Paramarta

64. "really hoping half moon friends will have a season 2, i dont care if its in the near future or not but to see these 5 amazing, pure, and talented guys around children just flutters my heart so much. frankly speaking, i wasnt interested to WINNER--lmao im not even a fan and i didnt even know them and recognize their faces when i started watching this! but after binge watching HMF for consecutive days i learned how to love and appreciate each and every one of them. I consider myself a part of the Inner Circle fandom now actually 😂 it just baffles me how pure and golden hearted the guys are but also their fandom!! Inner Circle is such a beautiful fandom without a doubt! Though i hope WINNER will constantly shine more every step of their way and receive more love, acknowledgement and recognition for working hard, enduring, and passionately showcasing their potential and mind blowing talent! I just genuinely hope theyd be more promoted and known. WINNER FIGHTING!! 💙" - Infinitexlanne

65. "Watched the show just now. I loved Winner because of this show. I will support them from now on. ❤ Fighting Winner! ✊" - Leni Angeli Gonzales

66. "I had always loved WINNER's songs but did not know anything about the guys. A few days back I saw this MV and wanted to watch the show and now I have to say I am a bigger fan now! I am part of Inner Circle! I loved this show and how I got to learn about the guys and how much passion they have and put in anything they do! ^^" - Julie

You can watch the show with english subbed by clicking this link here.

Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2016

My Future Wedding Songs Part 2

Part 1 silahkan klik di sini.

1. Akhir Penantian - Kerispatih

Ost FTV menye menye yang selalu sukses bikin eik tersenyum bahagia tiap abis dengerin hehehehe. Dari jaman SMP dulu udah berjanji sama diri sendiri kalo lagu ini bakal dinyanyikan di pernikahanku. Anak SMP ambisius gitu ceritanya. Habis gimana dong, iramanya menyenangkan, liriknya sweet, salah satu lagu Kerispatih favorit!

Favorite part :
"Begitu banyak cara kutempuh, untuk mencari cinta. Tapi apa daya, kecewa kudapatkan. Begitu banyak waktu kujalani, tanpa sebuah jawaban. Dan inilah saatnya.. Kau akhir penantianku."

2. Rather Be - Clean Bandit ft Jess Glyne

Okay I'm gonna telling you one of my wildest dreams.. bear with me! :P Jadi, kalo suatu saat aku nikah nanti, aku tuh pengeeeen banget ada flashmob gitu pas resepsi. Kayak di pernikahan ortu Furt gitu di Glee (ini bukan flashmob persis sih, tapi ya dance dance gitu kan, potato tomato). Nah lagunya aku maunya ya Rather Be ini atau Marry You (even though Marry You is not a proper wedding song, I know :P). Untuk Rather Be sendiri aku dah bisa kebayang gerakan gerakannya haha. Ya kalopun gak ada flash mob, lagu ini perfect banget gak sih buat joget joget di lantai dansa. Liriknya juga manis.

Favorite part :
"Cause when I'm with you, there's no place I'd rather be..."

3. One in a Million - Miley Cyrus

Salah satu lagu manis favoritku juga dari jaman SMP. Duh alunan nadanya itu indah banget deh buat aku, terutama intronya. Eh enggak ding sepanjang lagu manis terus deh *gombal, segombal liriknya* :)) Liriknya juga bikin pengen senyum senyum aja. Seriusan susah banget milih buat favorite part di bawah ini. Mulai dari yang berima, yang klimaks, reff, aku suka semua. Kalo suaraku bagus aja ya, aku mau banget mempersembahkan lagu ini buat suamiku di hari pernikahan kami :P

Favorite part :
"They say that good things take time. But really great things happen in the blink of an eye. Thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one."

4. Let's Talk About Love - David Archuleta

This is not a love song for a couple, actually. Lagu ini lebih menekankan cinta dan pesan perdamaian ke sesama umat manusia. Tapi aku suka banget lagunya, lirik dan iramanya manis sekali. Pas banget nih buat dance santai sama mertua baru, mungkin? Ya gak? Alternatif lain, lagu ini juga pas banget buat dihadiahkan ke pengantin oleh bridesmaid atau best man (yang jago nyanyi ya), bakal jadi kado tak terlupakan deh.

Favorite part :
"It's all about you, it's all about me, it's all about how we can be one big family... It's all about love."

5. Marry Your Daughter - BRKN RBTZ

Nemu lagu ini asli random banget dari salah satu fanmade video Running Man di youtube. Dan dari detik pertama aku udah jatuh cinta. Sama musiknya, liriknya dan suaranya. Padahal BRKN RBTZ itu siapa juga gak tau haha (setelah google baru tau kalo itu band yang vokalisnya Brian McKnight Jr.). Yah pokoknya lagu ini WAJIB KUDU masuk playlist nikahan ya. Paling afdol tentunya kalo lagu ini dibawakan sama mempelai cowok saat mempelai wanita memasuki venue gitu *meleleh sendiri*

Favorite part :

"I'm gonna marry your princess, and make her my queen. She'll be the most beautiful bride that I've ever seen. Can't wait to smile, when she walks down the aisle. On the arm of her father, on the day that I marry your daughter."

6. Night Changes - One Direction

Lagu ini masuk ke dalam list cuma dengan alasan musiknya yang manis kayak gula. Seriusan, enak banget gak sih lagu ini dipakai buat slow dancing? Atau jadi lagu background buat mempelai saling mingle sama tamu. Liriknya, hmmm, I don't really know, but the chorus seems sweet enough, no? Ini gak masuk dalam daftar WAJIB tapi bisa jadi pilihan kalo nyari lagu nikahan yang ngepop dan gak segmented :P

Favorite part :
"But there's nothing to be afraid of. Even when the night changes. It will never change, baby. It will never change, baby. It will never change me and you."

7. Tuhan Kirim Kamu - Aby (OST. D'Bijis)

Salah satu lagu romantis favorit sepanjang masa haha. Suka lagu ini dari jaman dulu nge-ship Firda sama Wei (jaman SMP! Anjir udah lama banget haha) dan lagu ini jadi salah satu OST fanfic yang aku tulis buat mereka :P Anyway, ini lagu slow tempo, mengarah ke lagu sedih, tapi artinya manis kok.

Favorite part :
"Waktu semangatku telah terhenti. Kau paksaku tuk terus berlari."

8. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

That one song who raised Bruno Mars to the stardom! :D
Seperti yang udah dipraktekan serial Glee (ya elah Dit, referensinya ini mulu dari tadi haha), lagu ini pas banget buat jadi lagu di lantai dansa pas nikahan. Lagu yang bisa bikin semua orang happy dan giggle sama liriknya yang cheesy.

Favorite part :
"Her lips, her lips. I could kiss them all day if she'd let me. Her laugh, her laugh. She hates but I think it's so sexy."

9. Seindah Biasa - Siti Nurhaliza

Lagu yang bisa bikin semua orang happy dan giggle, I have to use this line again because this song is all that! Musiknya yang easy listening even at the first listen menurutku pas banget buat jadi background musik sepanjang pesta pernikahan. Walau ini lagu Malaysia dan liriknya juga bahasa sana, menurutku gak ganggu ya. Malah jadi puitis puitis gimana gitu haha.

Favorite part :
"Takkan mungkin kita bertahan. Hidup dalam bersendirian. Panas terik, hujan badai. Kita lalui bersama. Saat hilang arah tujuan. Kau tahu kemana berjalan. Meski terang, meski gelap. Kita lalui bersama."

10. Negri Di Awan - Priska (Cover)

Nah aku gak tau sih ini termasuk love song atau enggak, soalnya liriknya metafora sekali, jujur aku gak ngerti haha. Tapi kayaknya love song kok *labil* Anyway, lagu mid-tempo ini manis dan pas pasti buat jadi wedding song :)

Favorite part :
"Di bayang wajahmu, kutemukan kasih dan hidup. Yang lama lelah aku cari, di masa lalu."

Kamis, 14 Juli 2016

Lebaran ke Pantai

Basic banget yaaaa? Hahaha tapi gak papa, at least something new, so I wanna write it here :)

Sebenarnya bukan pas lebaran juga, melainkan hari Minggunya, alias Lebaran+5. Pantainya sendiri Pantai Biru Kersik yang terletak di Kecamatan Marangkayu Kab. Kutai Kertanegara Kaltim. Kalo liat dari jauh pantainya bagus, biru biru airnya udah serupa seperti foto foto di IG. Tapi pas mendekat ya pasirnya gitu lagi gitu lagi haha. Kurang lebih lah sama pantai pantai di Balikpapan.

Jadi, apa nih yang dilakukan di Pantai, Dit?

1. Makan Besar
Perjalanan kami panjaaaang banget, hampir 4 jam karna bisa dibilang dibawa sesat sama Google Map. Jadi yang harusnya lewat jalan kota mulus (ya gak sepenuhnya mulus juga sih, Kaltim gitu, what can you expect? -_-), ini dibawa ke jalan kelapa sawit yang masih isinya tanah dan kerikil. Udahlah badan pegel, lapar juga karna belum sempat sarapan. Jadi begitu sampai di pantai, langsung misah dari rombongan yang makan bawaan dari rumah. Aku lagi kepengen gado gado gak bisa kompromi! :D

Aku jalan sama Aya dan Dana, dan setelah keliling kami memutuskan untuk makan di warung yang paling menjorok ke tepi pantai. Walau rasa gado gadonya gak jelas banget, at least dikasih bumbunya banyak dan bonus angin laut. Suka.

Ini pemandangan dari tempat makan. Itu kelihatan anjungan kayu

Selain itu pemandangannya juga langsung pantai yang penuh dengan manusia manusia. Dan ujung ujungnya ngomongin orang deh sama Aya. Gak bener banget ya :'D

2. Foto foto
Ya ini pastilah ya kudu, wajib, haha. Senangnya di Pantai Biru ini, dibanding pantai pantai lain di Balikpapan, background fotonya lebih beragam. Ada yang standar ngadep laut beralas pasir, trus ada anjungan gitu juga kayak versi mini dari anjungan yang biasa ada di Amerika (kejauhan Dit, perbandingannya -_-), trus bisa juga ke ujung anjungan biar bisa dapat full shot laut birunya.

Aya, sepupuku, di anjungan. Kami gak sampai ke ujung karna kepanasan banget LOL

Tuh yang di ujung ujung lautnya biru banget kan. Sayang di foto ini gak terlalu keliatan, aslinya kece kok

Nah ini yang aku bilang pemandangannya mirip kayak di Amerika. Kalau pernah nonton The Heirs mungkin ngerti

3. Naik kapal kecil
Ini remeh temeh banget sih, tapi aku gak pernah naik ginian. Mumpung cuma 10 ribu dan ada teman temannya yaitu sama sepupu sepupu yang lain jadi oke aja. Sensasinya mirip sama naik Banana Boat, tapi gak pake basah horeeee. Pantainya juga lagi surut, jadi walau kami musti jalan jauh sampai ke tengah, airnya gak sampai sepaha juga. Overall, ini highlight dari perjalanan pantai kali ini :))

Maunya buat beginian juga tapi siapa yang motoin haha. Satu perahu bertiga doang sama Aya dan abangnya

Ini perahu satu lagi isinya Dana, Bintang sama Erwin

4. Ngemil
Nah ini satu lagi trait dari Pantai Biru yang bikin dia plus plus dibanding pantai lain di Kaltim, jualan cemilannya macam macam :D

Mulai dari pentol (goreng, bakar, kuah, yang dicampur telor), berbagai jenis es, berbagai jenis gorengan sampai ice creaaaaam. Yang jualan makanan gede kalah deh sama cemilannya. Sumpah saking semangatnya nyicip satu satu aku jadi lupa motoin haha. Trus ya walau ini objek wisata, tapi harganya normal banget dan enak enak juga. Kemaren aku makan pentol bakar, pentol kuah, pentol telor sama es oreonya (yang ini juara banget nih! Gak jauh dari gerbang pokoknya tempatnya). Tentu porsinya kecil kecil ya, yang penting coba semua aja >.<

Trus untuk menutup, sebelum pulang aku beli ice cream cone yang rasa coklat. Nah ini agak overpriced sih tapi tetap worth it lah, karena hari itu panas banget. Lagian jarang jarang aku ke pantai tapi pegangannya es krim :)


Selamat Lebaran bagi yang merayakan ya. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Keep blogging! :D

Kamis, 16 Juni 2016

Dear Job Seeker

Life has been hard, right? But this too shall pass, I believe so :)

Gila ihhh, udah hampir setengah tahun dan hidupku kayaknya di sini sini aja. So much for being labeled as a genius your whole life, eh? Setelah ranking sana sini dari SD sampai SMP, kemudian masuk kelas akselerasi pas SMA, kemudian dengan mudahnya masuk PTN negeri (I should be grateful for this, really, I know). And here I am, masih belum dapat kerja.

Tapi aku gak menyesal samasekali sama hidupku 22 tahun ke belakang. Tentu masih banyak yang bisa diperbaiki, tapi aku akan menyimpan itu buat jadi nasihat untuk adek adekku ;) Sekarang juga masih banyaaaak lagi yang bisa diperbaiki sebenarnya. My main concern especially is to know what I really want to PURSUE in my life. Buat aku, kalau ada satu hal yang bisa disalahin dari aku yang belum kerja juga adalah ini. Aku orangnya masih punya banyak keraguan sama kemampuan dan tujuan diri sendiri. Dan itu terefleksi saat lagi bikin lamaran atau interview. Sedih :(

Jadi beberapa minggu ini aku fokus untuk bikin blue print sama kehidupan karirku. Mohon doakan yang terbaik ya, buat siapapun yang baca ini :P

Jadi, mari berusaha (dan berdoa) lebih keras lagi!!!

Anyway, dear job seeker, terutama buat yang suka dengerin musik, aku punya dua rekomendasi lagu nih yang pas banget sama keadaan kita.

1. It's Okay - BtoB

Aku pertama dengar lagu ini pas Mamamoo nge-cover di salah satu music show. Eh pertama dengar langsung suka sama musiknya. Jarang jarang loh aku begini. Dan entah kenapa iseng pengen liat yang versi aslinya, sekalian lah cari di Youtube KBS karna di sana pasti ada english subbed kan. 

Waktu awal lagu, aku masih biasa aja. Paling cuma mikir kalau lagunya unik nih, bukan soal cinta cintaan. Tapi begitu part rap mulai... langsung kayak beku. Issss kok sedih T_T

Trus selesai satu lagu langsung nangis aja dong haha. Kekuatan lagu ini selain di musiknya yang simple dan soothing ya liriknya itu tadi. Aku bagikan beberapa kalimat favoritku ya.

Nobody wanted me for three years
I thought I should join the army.
I told my parents, they said one thing, gee.
So I couldn't tell them I got fired from my part time job.
Well, my friend came on his last leave.
He said he was scared. He forgot everything he learned in college.
A million people are unemployed. I don't know about that.
I wish that number was the amount I have in my bank account.

Lagu ini ditulis dari perspektif cowok Korea ya, hence the military reference. Seharusnya sih bersifat sangat subjektif dan aku gak bisa relate, tapi kemudian lirik yang ditebalin itu ada. Ihhhh I know that feeling very well!

I know I'm being foolish.
I pretend I'm alright in front of others.
I used to be so bright.
Where did that person go?

This feels so real it hurts :(

The song is almost over.
But there is so much I haven't said yet.
I'm sure everyone feels the same way.

This applies to life as well, isn't it? Sedih banget lagunya. Nampar banget :(

2. Officially Missing You - Team A

Pertama dengar lagu ini waktu awal awal kenal Winner pasca Weekly Idol. Akhir tahun 2015. Nontonnya yang cuma performance doang dan tanpa english subbed di Youtube. Trus reaksi pertama aku adalah... ya lumayan bagus lagunya. The vocal and the harmonization is on point. Tapi aku sedikit kecewa karna aku kira mereka cuma cover biasa, yang mana harusnya liriknya tetap english. Ternyata liriknya diganti jadi Korea semua.

Kemudian aku dengar lagi setelah serius nonton WIN. Dan... impresi aku berubah lagi. Setelah mengenal karakterisasi masing masing member (aku nonton Winner TV dulu baru nonton WIN haha) dan background-nya, aku ngerasa liriknya jadi manissss banget. It's a fckin story about them. Dari cerita Seungyoon dan gitarnya, Mino dan lirik hep hap-nya, Taehyun yang cuma pengen nyanyi sampai Seunghoon yang berani speak up soal survival show ini (cuma Jinwoo yang gak kebagian, karna dia nyanyi bagian chorus yg topiknya general). Gak ada satu line pun dari bagian individual mereka yang gak menggambarkan mereka. I feel the insecurity, the sincerity and the love for their music all at the same time.

And to think that the original song is supposed to be missing "ex boyfriend", but they changed it to be missing "their old selves", is just... pure brilliant idea.

Butuh waktu beberapa minggu kemudian untuk akhirnya aku bisa dapat impresi lebih dalam lagi soal lagu ini. Asli, kayak bawang, berlapis lapis bikin perihnya haha.

Setelah dengarin berkali kali dan pas banget waktu itu lagi sedih karna ditolak (lagi) sama satu perusahaan, tiba tiba aja kepikiran begini, "Eh wait.. ini kok lagunya kayak ngomongin aku." "Eh ini mah bukan hanya tentang mereka aja, ini cerita tentang hampir semua orang di dunia, me included."

Gonna put the full lyric here, can't help it. Walau ngana ngana yang gak kenal Winner mungkin gak peduli juga ya sama cerita mereka haha. Jadi aku highlight aja ya bagian yang menurutku pas buat job seeker biar gak sedih sedih amat sama kehidupan. Adulthood is hard but it's real, deal with it :)

Yeah.. this is our story
Alright, once upon a time
That time that slowed down
The kid back then, I'm officially

With a small foot
Taking a powerful step
With a smile on his face
As if nothing was to be feared
Carrying a guitar on his back and with a tilted hat on sideways
That kid, I'm officially missing you

The sky is pastel-toned
With all my neighborhood friends
Wiping his nose instead of stealing ladies' hearts
Staying up all night to catch the tagger
Gathering all of us in my room
Radio, play on
These lyrics that I wrote for the first time, rec on
And from that on, my uniform was only a student cosplay
The t-shirt he changed into after school is 3XL
Limping intentionally, that hip hop kid
The puzzle of the dream of a rapper
Putting the puzzle together, scream peace
The world in front of me, bend its knees

Now it's a shout (Back then, it was cry)
Now it's a planet (Back then, it was a star)
Now it's a job.
At that time, when he was little, he expressed as he felt.

Ohhh, back then it was so great (Back in the days)
Back then, I had no idea (I didn't know)
I tell myself who became a memory
Oh I... I'm officially..

A mole on his thumb
The droopy eyes that drop down whenever he smiles
Blindly knocking on the door of dreams
A kid, who sings, I'm officially missing you

This battle, sometimes, it is meaningless
It's different from a life that I wanted
Should we break the dreams in two and go together
For years, everyone's the same
We have been walking on the desert and we are thirsty
Brother, today, it came again without exception
I bet you prepared a spear and a shield
We have stopped
We've become a clock that lost its gear, that can't turn back
Someone please fast forward this tape, I'll be there

With a deep sigh, it's not like I'm going back
Back back, no more show, boy, there is no more
I feel shameful in front of a mirror, so I take out the faded photo of myself

At that time it was so great (Back in the days)
Back then, I had no idea
I tell myself who became a memory
Oh I, I'm officially missing you
I'm officially missing you...

One more time, baby

I didn't know at that time
When I was little, everything was easy and it seemed like everything was mine
But why is it only now that I miss you?
I'm officially...
I'm officially missing you.